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a broken hut 破棚

splattered upon a page, silence could not be more awkward than my words

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("silence" (1978) a wood sculpture by wang keping of the seminal stars group (星星). whenever i listen to cui jian's song "tolerance" and hear liu yuanr's screaming saxophone i think of this piece of art - the sax sounds like someone screaming, endeavoring to let out years of frustration that have been bottled up inside oneself. 每当我听到崔健的歌 “宽容” 的时候,就让我想起来王克平的雕塑作品 “沉默” (1978). 刘元儿吹萨克斯好像一个人一辈子控制的声音终于喊叫了出来.)

independent student of contemporary china (fields of interest are contemporary chinese art, cinema, rock music, politics, and china's ethnic minorities) 独立研究当代中国的学者