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mixian 米线

in the past two days i have made giant bowls of mixian for lunch. damn, i miss kunming food. there's actually a fairly new restaurant (guangzhou style - btgweb.com) here that has guoqiao mixian on their menu. i wish i hadn't tried it on sunday - it totally sucked (i should have had dimsum type stuff). anyway, i prefer just ordinary mixian.

i was chatting with a waitress (at btgweb.com) who had just come over to the u.s. from guangzhou 8 months ago. at some point i brought up the topic of chinese rock (what a fucking surprise). funny enough, i mentioned wang lei (and that i chat with him on the net from time to time) and she said that she actually had met him and went to one of his previous bars.

this blue and white marble we call earth is indeed a small world. i went to lincoln for the unl cssa spring festival party in january. one of the performers was a guzheng player (a grad student in music education) who studied at the china music conservatory while wang yong was teaching composition, etc. etc. strangely, that is the second guzheng musician i have met (that was a few years ago) in nebraska who studied at the china music conservatory and whom knows wang yong.
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